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You can’t deny Mary-Kate definitely has style. She has been gorgeous ever since she was 5 running around on Full House. Her signature look has transformed into a Vogue bohemian style. Love her messy hair, daring bags, high heeled shoes mixed with skinny jeans, and funky sunglasses. This girl has it…she has her own style and is not afraid to show it.

Cutesy, little Mary-Kate was seen on the cover of Teen Vogue in December 2006 wearing a little red dress and chunky neckalace.

Mary-Kate and Ashley are coming out with a new menswear clothing line called “the Row” (prices range from $150-$850) and recently wrote a book entitled Influence.

I must say not only do these two girls look GREAT, they are imaginative and creative. They are constantly coming up with new ideas and working hard. I adored her character in Weeds (Tara Lindman), I totally could see her being that way in real life.

In Mid-2004, Mary-Kate entered herself into a treatment center for anorexia nervosa and is now living happy and healthy.

In 2010 she is playing a role in a movie called Beastly…as you probably already guessed…I’ll be in the theatre with my popcorn and Coke for that one!

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